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Is your meat Halal?

Yes! All the chicken we use comes from Halal certified suppliers. We do have some non-halal products such as beef and bacon, but don’t worry, we make sure there is no cross contamination with our chicken products.

I have specific food allergies, what can I eat at Chimek?

We gotchu fam. Whether it’s gluten, nuts or dairy, the menu at Chimek won’t have you feeling left out. Just to be safe though, here’s the nitty gritty: 


Gluten and Gluten-Free?

  • All our fried chicken and chips contain gluten (we use wheat in our batter)
  • All our burger buns also contain gluten.  


  • Be aware! Our kitchens do prepare items containing nuts. If nuts are a problem, please let one of our friendly staff know. Rest assured, our menu has a wide variety of nut-free items and we do take cross-contamination very seriously so you can dine with ease!

What about Dairy?

  • We use Potato Milk Buns for all our burgers, so unfortunately they do contain dairy. 
  • We can prepare most of our menu items without cheese where applicable…except the Blue Cheese Aioli (oops). 
  • All our fried chicken and chips are dairy-free.

And how about Eggs?

  • You’ll be happy to hear that all our fried chicken items DO NOT contain eggs.
  • We can prepare most menu items without eggs where applicable.
  • All our aioli and mayo sauces are egg-based – however we can substitute them for other sauces such as tomato, BBQ or sweet chilli. Just let our friendly staff know! 

I can’t eat shellfish, help!

  • You’ve come to the right place. We do not store or cook any shell-fish or seafood in our kitchens (unless it’s a special menu item). In the case that we do have a special menu item that contains shellfish/seafood, you can be sure that there will be no cross-contamination in the preparation of your food.
Is the cheese you use for your burgers vegan-friendly?

We use American cheddar slices for our burgers which are not vegan-friendly.

I’m vegan/vegetarian, do you have any options for me?
  • For our vegetarian friends, we definitely have an amazing range of menu items for you such as our Vege Burger, For-Cheese sake burger, Mek Daddy Sub and K-Pop Idol loaded fries just to name a few. If you’re still unsure, give our friendly staff a shout and they’ll be happy to help you out.
  • For all you vegan Chimek fans, we’re working on some delicious new vegan-friendly items just for you! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.
What type of oil do you use to fry your chicken?

Here at Chimek we use 100% Canola Oil in all our cooking and preparation.

Do you guys do any student discounts?

We’ve got some student offers in the works, so make sure to subscribe to be a Chimek Chingu so you can be the first to know!

I wanna throw a party/event at Chimek, is that possible?

Heck Yes! Shoot us an email to with the details for your shindig and preferred location, and we can take it from there!

I love Chimek, do you guys offer catering?

For sure. Catering can be arranged! Send an email to with a few deets so that we can have an idea of what we’ll be frying for you.

Why do we get given gloves with our fried chicken?

In Korea it is tradition to wear gloves when eating fried chicken to avoid getting your hands dirty from all the marinade and sauce. At Chimek we love a good tradition, and we think this one is pretty handy too! Of course, no judgement here if you prefer to get finger-licking saucy with our chicken, just sayin’.

What’s your flavour of the month?

You’ll have to ask one of our friendly staff members for this one. Our flavour of the month changes every 2-3 months (guess they’re more flavour of the season), so you’ll always find something new to try at Chimek!

Do you guys do any weekly specials?

Yes! To see what the current specials are, head on over here, or simply ask one of our friendly staff members in store.

Do you allow BYO? If yes, do you charge corkage?

Unfortunately BYO is a no-go at Chimek. All Chimek stores are fully licensed so you will definitely be able to find your favourite brewski on tap or chilling in the fridge.

Are we allowed to bring a birthday cake? If yes, is there a service fee?

If we get a slice, the answer is yes! Feel free to bring in your Birthday cake and let our friendly staff know if you would like us to help you fridge it. No service fee – we promise.

Do you guys do delivery? Which food delivery services can I get Chimek on?

We do not provide our own deliveries, however you may find us on various delivery platforms including Ubereats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, Easi and Menulog.

Can I pre-order my meal?

You sure can! Simply jump onto our website, give us a call or hop onto your favourite delivery platform to pre-order your meal.

Can I place a takeaway order over the phone?

Of course. Our Korean Fried Chicken can always be one phone call away. Check out our store locations for further details. Don’t forget you can also get your Korean Fried Chicken hit by visiting your nearest Chimek store or ordering via our delivery platforms to enjoy some Chimek in your cozy home. 

How do I become a Chimek Chingu?

Simple. Jump onto our sign-up page and fill in your details. It’s as easy as that. Welcome to the most elite crew in town!

What type of perks do I get by being a Chimek Chingu?

Not only do you become part of the most elite crew in town, you will be the first to know about all our specials and promotions. Not only that, but you will be showered with gifts, free food and exclusive access to VIP events!

How can I make my dream come true and get a job at Chimek?

Make your dreams a reality by heading over to our careers page to see our current job openings. We’re always on the lookout for chicken lovers to join the fam!


Make it come true by shooting an email to with your CV attached!

I have some feedback I’d like to give, who should I contact?

Whether it’s good or bad, we’d love to hear from you. We’re constantly looking for ways to make your Chimek experience better, so help us out and let us know how we’re doing. Please send your feedback to

Are you a dog-friendly restaurant?

We love our four-legged friends and welcome them with open paws at all our alfresco areas!

COVID - 19

What safety measures have you put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19?

We take COVID-19 very seriously here at Chimek. Safe customers are happy customers, so we’ve taken the following measures to make sure you have peace of mind when dining at Chimek: 


  • Disinfecting the shop regularly (tables, door handles, fridge doors, chairs, menus)
  • Providing customers and staff with hand sanitisers
  • Socially distanced seating plans in accordance to rules set out by state government
  • Ensuring all staff sanitize and wash after
    • Touching/cleaning plates
    • Handling money
    • Eating/drinking
    • Using the toilet
Do you take reservations? or Are you a walk-in only restaurant?

We welcome both reservations and walk-ins for all our Chimek stores. If you would like to secure your seats, please give us a ring (the numbers can be found here). If you’re bringing a large group, we want to make sure you and your crew are well looked after, so make sure to give us a buzz before dropping in.

Do I need to use the SafeWa app?

Yes we require all our patrons to sign into our stores using the SafeWA app. Let’s all keep Australia safe!

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